Etarizi Classes

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Etarizi Classes

Post by ClellDawg16 on Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:16 pm

As an infiltrator, you are equipped with the weapons and equipment to get into some of the most secure enemy installations. Highly advanced reconnaissance, demolitions and sabotage specialists.

Armaments: LX33 Combat Laser Rifle, TL12 Command Pistol, XJR Fragmentation Grenades, TokkTech Combat Knife

Armor: Standard Issue Adaptive Light Armor


The Troopers are the Foot Soldiers of the Etarizi Empire. They are tough and well trained, the first line of defense on Etarizi controlled worlds.

Armaments: (Primary Weapons vary by specialty), TL12 Command Pistol, XJR Fragmentation Grenades, TokkTech Combat Knife

Armor: Standard Issue Combat Armor

Rilfeman: LX33 Combat Laser Rifle
Sniper: SR-320 Particle Beam Sniper Rifle
Marksman: SM-300 Elite Marksman Rifle
Heavy Weapon: MXR-381 Light Machine Gun
Demolitions: SG-20 Combat Shotgun
Pilot: LX33 Combat Laser Rifle
Anti-Vehicle: PAV-15 Personal Missile Launcher (ammo types range from standard rockets to radar guided ground to air missiles)


Shade Dancer
The Shade Dancers are a deadly order of bladesmen who believe blood must be spilled in the name of order. Their temple and academy is located on the core world of Carinus.

Armaments: Warblade or Warstaff, TL12 Command Pistol

Armor: Chest guard and Arm Armor, worn over a black or gray tunic, black pants and boots.


Working under the orders of the Minister of Defense and Secretary of Intelligence. Spymasters work to gather intelligence and in extreme situations, perform assassinations.

Armaments: Varies from mission to mission.

Armor: Varies from mission to mission

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